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Women…Like all man say are complicated creatures that are difficult to understand. Their emotions change frequently and their moods change more frequently than their clothes in the wardrobe. There is not always perfect and every time working move, which can give her pleasure and the satisfaction, every time you go close to them, they want something new. Their demands are endless and their desires have no set parameters like they can ask you not kiss daily in the same way and might request you to kiss her in a different way. Yeah! See the level of imagination in them…….

When we men are in bed, we simply get aroused by the nasty smile of our girls, their single naughty joke and a soft touch at the erogenous zone can make us instantly aroused and ready to make out our physical love. But, my gosh! These girls, believe me, are not really like us, they need time, Oh! I mean a lot of time to get into some exciting mood and this was the difficulty was our relationship. Keeping erection withstand for a long time is not every man cup of tea. As due to daily stress, workload, not taking healthy and nutritious diet, proper sleep, rest and exercise turn man literally full of fatigue and low in energy that resists the ability of man to stay harder for the longer term. This makes a man fall early from his erection without giving satisfaction to self and the partner. This super frustrating condition when happens to you again and again then this gives a clear sign of something serious which we call erectile dysfunction or impotence.
Hey! There is nothing worry, there is a wide range of medications available for the correction of erection failure condition in men and one such ED medication is Cenforce 100mg for treating weak erection concerns that has an active generic ingredient Sildenafil citrate. You can buy Cenforce medicine at different dosing rages such as 50mg, 100mg, 150mg, and 200mg. This medicine when you take up an hour before making out intimate it gives you a super erection power and then you can enjoy your session to late hours. Cenforce pill makes a man effective to give his best shot at intimacy for 4-5 hours.

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Sildenafil ingredient present in the medicinal brand acts by inhibiting the action of enzymes PDE5. Due to which concentration of cGMP rises in the body of a man, which further gives a boost to the NO levels in men. The chemical that is responsible for building the instant erection in men making him capable to satisfy the needs of her woman.

Side effects that a man can get on taking up Cenforce dosing are congestion in chest, headache, tremors, nausea, swelling of feet and Priapism. As a safety tip man are recommended to avoid the intake of medicine with grapefruit juice, coffee, and alcoholic drinks. High fatty foods should be avoided and medicines that have nitrate moiety must not be taken with Cenforce. Never repeat this medication twice in a day, its mandatory to maintain the gap of 2 4 hours between two dosings.

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