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You loved your husband and he loved you and always supported you in your tough times. Even during the phase where you had multiple failed attempts in conceiving for several years. Your struggle of getting pregnant was real and heart wrenching. Every month when you found out that 'you were not pregnant' you used to die a little more inside. One day when you broke up and were crying Your husband assured you that he will find a way to become parents and he did! After consulting numerous doctors and searching the internet he found out Pregnyl. On using Pregnyl, within only a few months you were able to become pregnant and a year later you gave birth to twins!

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Pregnyl 10,000 iu is an exquisite remedy for the treatment of infertility in women. This medication is used widely by the women who are unable to conceive due to the lack of ovulation also referred as anovulatory infertility. This medication is also proficient in increasing the decreased level of testosterone in the male body, a condition known as hypogonadism. Pregnyl is also quite helpful in the treatment of cryptorchidism in young boys below the age of 4-9 years. Pregnyl comprises of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) as the main functional moiety. HCG works by stimulating the gonadotropin-releasing hormone that enhances the surge of LH and FSH in both males and females. The increase of LH and FSH stimulates maturation of follicles and formation of the ovum in females and production of testosterone in males, thereby treating infertility.

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Pregnyl is recommended in the dosing strength of 2000 IU, 5000IU and 10,000IU in the parenteral dosage form. To treat anovulatory infertility, a woman should take a dose of 500-1000IU via the IM route following the final dose of menotropins. If a man having the condition of hypogonadism seeks treatment, he must take 500-1000IU, via intramuscular route thrice a week for a time period of three weeks that is followed by a similar dose two times a week for three weeks.  A man can even take 4000 units via IM three times in a week for a time period of six to nine months, which is consequently followed by 2000 units taken intramuscularly three times a week for an extra 3 months. For young boys suffering from the affliction from cryptorchidism, a dose of 4000 units of Pregnyl via IM three times in a week for 3 weeks or a dose of 5000 units via IM is given on every alternate day for a maximum of four injections.

Certain noxious effects appear on using Pregnyl like multiple births, mood swings, restlessness, breast tenderness, irritability, vertigo, dizziness, nausea, and acne.

Preventive measures taken with the use of Pregnyl are steering clear of using it in case you are allergic to any of the component. It is inadvisable to consume alcohol and other sedatives while using this medication. Do not perform strenuous tasks while using this medication. This medication is capable of causing multiple births, therefore, consult your doctor before using this medication. Using this medication is inadvisable if you have endometriosis of carcinoma of the breast. A woman below 18 years of age should never use this medication.

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